Luckybackup 0.4.1 released

On 2010年06月21日, in linux, by netoearth

a powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool for linux
Version 0.4.1 changes

* Added feature to restore a snapshot to any local directory
* Updated manual
* Improved the cron logfile: Different logfiles for each profile, listing results from only the last cronjob
* Fixed issue: Command-line mode fails to execute some tasks within a profile
* Fixed issue: Various snapshots issues when task type is “Backup the entire source directory (by name)”
* Fixed issue: Command-line mode fails to delete older snapshots
* Fixed issue: Specific snapshots can now be deleted if more than one exist
* Fixed issue: Restoring from any snapshot, but the last one, will cause an error to be displayed if the directory .luckybackup-snaphots/XXXXXX has not been created
* Fixed issue: Creation of full path of destination directory if it does not exist
* Fixed issue: Translation of standard yes/no – ok/cancel Qt dialogs
* Fixed issue: Logfiles manipulation when invalid characters are used within the task name
* Fixed issue: Some character encoding issues at command-line mode

Install Luckybackup 0.4.1 in Ubuntu

Download .deb package from here once you have .deb package install by double clicking on it or run the following command

sudo dpkg -i luckybackup_0.4.1-1_i386.lynx.deb


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