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以下翻译自SparkleShare – an open source alternative to Dropbox hits beta for Linux

Dropbox 可以方便的在Linux、Windows、Mac甚至手机上存储、同步、分享数据。但 Sparkleshare 的开发者认为,Dropbox 同样有缺点: 不能使用自己的服务器,不是开源产品,另外在许可证上有些琐碎的问题。

Sparkleshare 不但提供了 Dropbox 几乎所有的特性,还有一些独特优点,如:更好的 Gnome 集成,能使用自设服务器,更多的实时特性和更少的许可证问题。 与 Dropbox 一样它在 Win/Lin/Mac 平台下都可用。

SparkleShare for Linux 的第一个Beta版已经发布。你可以从这里下载并找到release note

What is SparkleShare?

SparkleShare is a syncing and collaboration tool that shines by its absence. it’s designed to get out of your way, to make sharing documents and collaboration easier, and to make peers aware of what you are doing.

You are in control

SparkleShare allows you to host your own service with ease, so that you are always in control of your data. It also keeps a record of changes in you make to your files. Did you or someone else make a mistake? No problem, just revert it.

Free as in Freedom

Not only doesn’t SparkleShare cost you anything, you also have access to the full source code of it. You are free to use it for any purpose and modify it to fit your needs. These are only two examples of the freedoms you get when using Free Software.

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