Verify That TRIM Is Enabled In Windows 7

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The TRIM command has been designed to counter the performance drops of Solid State Drives over time. TRIM basically allows the operating system to notify the SSD about data blocks that are no longer in use so that they can be wiped.

Before TRIM, SSDs degraded in performance over time due to the way they handle write operations. Some manufacturers countered this with reset tools, which had to be run regularly to keep the performance at an acceptable level. Finally, some added garbage collection to the controller. This basically meant that the data on the drive would be defragmented, or that the TRIM command would be issued based on the findings of the garbage collection.

Now, the difficulty with TRIM is that it is only supported by Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Linux at the moment. Users who do not run those operating systems do not have access to TRIM.

Windows users need to make sure that TRIM is working properly, especially if they notice that the performance of the Solid State Drive seems to drop significantly over time.

We would like to introduce two options to find out if TRIM is enabled in the operating system.

Drive Controller Info

The portable software program performs a scan of all drives and will report if Windows Filesystem Delete Notification (ATA TRIM) is enabled or not. All it takes is to execute the program, wait some seconds for the scan to complete to see the results in the main program interface.

trim windows 7trim windows 7

Drive Controller Info can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Administrator Command Prompt

The second option requires no third party software. Users need to start a command prompt with elevated rights. This is done by clicking on the start orb, then All Programs, Accessories, right-clicking on Command Prompt and selecting Run as Administrator.

Now execute the command fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify and take a look at the result.

trim enable windows-7trim enable windows-7

Two results are possible:

  • DisableDeleteNotify = 0: This indicates that TRIM is enabled and working on the operating system.
  • DisableDeleteNotify = 1: This means that TRIM is not enabled, and that SSDs will therefor not benefit from it.

If TRIM is not active on the system, which can be the case if the SSD has not been properly recognized, if it is to slow or if drivers have not been properly installed.

TRIM can be enabled with a similar command if it is not enabled in Windows 7. To activate TRIM issue the command fsutil behavior set disablenotify 0.

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