NetWorx 5.1.4

On 2010年10月10日, in soft, by netoearth

NetWorx 这个实用工具用于测量你所使用的所有类型的有线和无线网络连接的使用带宽和速度。该软件提供测量你的网络吞吐量、进入和发出通讯的图形和数字化描述、可定制的警报、以及关于拨号连接期间的统计表的功能。

Changes in NetWorx 5.1.4 (2010-10-09):
* Fixed double-click mode that could not be set.
* Quota overuse notification no longer closes automatically.
* Removed workaround added in the previous version as in some cases it failed to detect real network adapters.
* Improved compatibility with ESet Smart Security and NetLimiter.
* Added the Arabic language and a few others updated.

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