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Boxoft PDF to Word is a 100% free quick and easy way to convert Adobe PDF documents to Microsoft Word files. By using the efficient software, you can batch convert portable PDFs to editable Word files with preserving the original formatting: text, images, column and row layout. The program also provides Hot Directory Mode help to convert PDF files written in some folder to DOC format automatically. Most of all, this program is freeware, you can use this converter either for commercial or personal purposes as you will.

Batch Convert PDF to Word

This mode is probably the conversion mode that most users will pick. Just start the PDF To Word converter and select it in the wizard that is displayed on startup.

convert pdf to word

It is then possible to add pdf documents by selecting them individually on the system using the built-in file browser, or by selecting folders. All pdf documents of the selected folder are then added to the conversion queue.

batch convert pdf to word

A click on convert will convert all pdf documents to Word doc format, with an option to open the folder directly after the conversion has been completed by the application. The doc files are stored with the same file name as the pdf documents for easier identification.

A log is displayed in the application window which indicates success and failure of each conversion. One thing that’s really frustrating is that the PDF to Word converter installs the Boxsoft Toolbox automatically whenever the convert is started. Even worse, it launches the Toolbar and opens a related homepage whenever the user exists the program.

Command Line Conversion

Users who prefer the command line do not have these problems. The syntax to convert pdf documents to Word is the following:

PdfToWordCmd.exe "D:\in\sample1.pdf" "-d:\out1.doc"

The first directory is the source directory with the pdf document that needs to be converted, the second directory defines the output directory where the Word document will be saved to.

Benefit of this method: No spawning of the Internet page and the Toolbox program after conversions. Then again, the command line does not support batch conversions, unless users write their own batch files to convert multiple pdf documents at once.

The third option is to let the application monitor directories to convert the pdf documents that are stored in them automatically.

The quality of the pdf to word conversion is excellent, at least for the documents that we tested the application with. The developers should however strongly consider adding an disable option to the spawning of the website and Toolbox on program exit. That’s unprofessional and borderline spammy.

  • For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
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