Firebug 1.6.0发布

On 2010年11月30日, in soft, by netoearth

Firebug 是網頁瀏覽器 Mozilla Firefox 的一個扩展,是一個除錯工具。用戶可以利用它除錯、編輯、甚至刪改任何網站的 CSSHTMLDOM、與 JavaScript 代碼。Firebug 也有提供其他網頁開發工具,例如 Yahoo! 的網頁速度優化建議工具 YSlow

Firebug是哈維(Joe Hewitt)撰寫的。他是最初Firefox創始者之一。

Download Sites

Overview of Firebug 1.6

Firebug 1.6 supports Firefox 3.6

Console and Command Line




  • Disabling break on next error
  • The stack panel now displays argument names and values + support for expanding/collapsing
  • Script Panel shows nicer message when it is inactive during page load
  • Improved presentation of the scope chain in the Script panel Watch side panel
  • Save and restore breakpoints across Firefox sessions
  • Script panel file list has auto scroll button and shows filtering text


  • Show the prototype, constructor, and __proto__ properties of objects
  • localStorage and sessionStorage now also displayed
  • Better search match highlighting


Toolbars and Menus


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