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On 2010年11月30日, in soft, by netoearth

Google 地球可让您在地球上任意遨游,无论是外太空星系,还是大洋峡谷,只要您感兴趣,就可以查看卫星图像、地图、地形和 3D 建筑。您可以探索丰富的地理知识,保存您游览过的地点并与他人分享。 - Improved performance on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
- (Issue 444) Improved font rendering.

Google Earth API, version 1.007
- (Issue 123) Added ability to enable/disable building selection and highlighting through mouse input in GEOptions.
- New class KmlViewerOptions, to set global render state (Historical Imagery, StreetView, and Sun).
- Added ability to enable/disable street view in GENavigationControl.
- Added ability to enable/disable automatic transition to ground level view in GEOptions.
- Added ability to enable/disable 3d tree rendering through new layer LAYER_TREES.
- Added altitudeOffset functionality to KmlLinearRing and KmlLineRing. This allows ability to set altitude for all vertices through a single function call.
- Added copyAsLookAt and copyAsCamera conversion to KmlAbstractView.

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