Network Drive Mapper

On 2010年11月2日, in soft, by netoearth

A Simple to use, Easy, and effective Network Drive Mapper.
All your favorite mapped drives are saved in a DAT file,
for you to easily transport mapped drive settings to multiple computers.
Mapped Drives are saved to a DAT file, to be easily transported to multiple computers.
Entries in the list can be easily mapped and unmapped with a press of a button.


  • Easily add multiple map drive entries.
  • Easily map all, or just selected entries in the list.
  • Double click a map entry to edit it.
  • Use the -c startup switch to connect to all entries then exit.
  • Use the -d startup switch to disconnect all map entries then exit.
  • DAT file is encrypted to help prevent your passwords from being compromised.
  • Extremely small executable size, 188kb.

Network Drive Mapper Bulk Maps, Tweaks, and Exports Windows Networked Drives

System Requirements:
Windows NT 4 and Up.

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