Pidgin 2.7.6 发布

On 2010年11月23日, in soft, by netoearth

Pidgin 昨日发布了最新的 2.7.6 版,主要是修复了之前的 SSL 错误并新增了可同时登录多个 MSN 帐号的支持,这里是详细的 ChangeLog


version 2.7.6 (11/21/2010)

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  • General:
    • Included Microsoft Internet Authority 2010 and Microsoft Secure Server Authority 2010 intermediate CA certificates to our bundle. This fixes the “Unable to validate certificate” error for (#12906)
  • Pidgin:
    • Avoid a use-after-free race condition in the media code (when there’s an error reported by GStreamer). (#12806, Jakub Adam)
  • AIM and ICQ:
    • SSL option has been changed to a tri-state menu with choices for “Don’t Use Encryption”, “Use Encryption if Available”, and “Require Encryption”.
    • Fix some possible clientLogin URL issues introduced in version 2.7.5.
    • Don’t show a “<URL>: Ok” connection error when using clientLogin.
    • Cleaned up some debug output for improved readability.
  • MSN:
    • Added support for MSNP16, including Multiple Points of Presence (MPOP) which allows multiple simultaneous sign-ins. (#8247)
    • Added extended capabilities support (none implemented).
    • Merged the work done on the Google SoC (major rewrite of SLP code)
    • Reworked the data transfer architecture. (SlpArchitecture)
    • Lots of little changes.
    • Don’t process zero-length DC messages. (#12660)
    • Fixed a bunch of memory leaks.
    • Prevent a use-after-free condition.
  • XMPP:
    • Avoid a double-free in the Google Relay (V/V) code.
    • Avoid double error message when failing a file transfer. (#12757)
    • Password-related information is printed out for SASL authentication when the PURPLE_UNSAFE_DEBUG environment variable is set.
    • Authentication mechanisms can now be added by UI’s or other plugins with some work. This is outside the API/ABI rules! (#12715)
    • Fixed a few printf(“%s”, NULL) crashes for broken OSes.
  • Windows-Specific Changes:
    • Build the Pidgin Theme Editor plugin (finally).
    • Untarring (for themes) now works for non-ASCII destination paths.
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