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Process Lasso 是一款独特的调试级别的系统优化工具,主要功能是动态调整各个进程的优先级并设为合理的优先级类以实现为系统减负的目的,此项特性被 Process Lasso 定义为过载抑制(out-of-control restraint),可有效避免蓝屏、假死、进程停止响应、进程占用 CPU 时间过多等症状。同时它还具备前台进程推进、工作集修整、进程黑名单等附加特性。Process Lasso 对您系统的优化是完全实时+智能的,不会修改任何系统既有配置。且其支持命令行操作和服务器《=》客户端的远程管理,而内核又可脱离用户界面单独运行,因 此普遍适用于普通家庭用户和专业工作环境。

The feeling that a computer is slow can have numerous reasons. From running applications or games that the computer’s hardware is not capable of running properly, over malicious software that is slowing down the PC to processes that run in high priority or use 100% of the cpu.

Process Lasso has been designed to optimize a computer’s responsiveness and stability by automatically adjusting processes and applications that take more than their fair share of the computer’s resources. It does so by adjusting the process priority of those processes automatically.

A basic example is a process that is running in high or even realtime priority on the system. If that process takes to many cpu cycles or memory then it will be automatically reduced in priority by Process Lasso 4. That does not stop the process from running, but it usually keeps other programs and the computer from slowing down or coming to a complete halt.

Process Lasso 4 has been released today, adding a wealth of new features to the excellent software. Interested users can take a look at all changes at the Process Lasso Development Log. Among the important changes and additions is a new process watchdog feature that restarts, terminates or changes a process affinities if it exceeds a given cpu or virtual memory limit.

Process Lasso has now been better integrated with Vista and Windows 7, offers an optimized core engine and a new process restraint history.

process lasso 4

Process Lasso 4 is available as a free version and commercial version. The free version supports the following core features:

  • ProBalance – ProBalance, which stands for Process Balance, is the name of our proprietary algorithm that temporarily adjusts the priority of running processes in an effort to keep your system responsive during high loads.
  • Gaming mode – Process Lasso offers a proprietary ‘Gaming mode’ algorithm which SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY manages process priorities in a way optimal for full screen games. Furthermore, it temporarily places your PC in the ‘High Performance’ power scheme.
  • Persistent priorities
  • Persistent CPU affinities

A comparison of the free and pro version of Process Lasso is available at the developer website. Some Process Lasso Pro features are available in the free version during the trial period, after which they are turned off.

Process Lasso 4 is available for download for all supported 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the windows operating system.

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