Rehost Image-在Firefox中备份网页图片

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Sometimes when you encounter pictures on the Internet you may want to save a copy of them in case the original source gets deleted. Most users download the image to their local computer system when they want to backup images that have been posted on the Internet. Other users may want to backup them to an image host or file server on the Internet instead, especially if they want to embed the image into forums, blog posts or their Facebook page.

Rehost Image is a simple but elegant solution for those users. The Firefox add-on adds an entry to the right-click context menu allowing the user to upload the image to a ftp server or the popular image hosting service Imagehost.

rehost image

Imagehost is the default option configured in the add-on. The only other option is to add one or multiple ftp servers in the add-on settings.

upload image to ftp

FTP servers are added in the options. This requires adding the host and port, username, password, upload directory and http directory. Once done the new option becomes available as well.

Rehost Images offers several additional options including the ability to resize images automatically and to select the image format and quality.

resize images

Information about uploaded images are automatically copied to the clipboard. From there it is possible to access the image or link to it.

The history in the add-on options offers a list of previously uploaded images which is helpful if those information need to be accessed again (considering that the clipboard only contains one item at a time).

image uploading history

Rehost Image is a helpful Firefox add-on for users who regularly upload images posted on websites to image hosts or ftp servers.

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