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The USB monitor ensures access of USB mass storage devices to personal computers. Only previously allowed USB devices, the connection allows the computer. If an illegal device found the access is prevented.

  • The software is free.
  • No “fiddling” with annoying Windows script needed, no additional downloads / installations are necessary.
  • Simple device, since the program installation and uninstallation routine will be delivered.
  • The administration is via the standard Microsoft Management Console.
  • The access is blocked to unauthorized devices, through the management console from Microsoft, it’s easy to allow a new device.
  • All events are recorded in the Windows event log.
  • Automatic (de) installation possible start parameters “/ silent” and “/ very silent” if no dialog should come to automatically install the software on an entire Windows domain or uninstall.
  • Direct support from the manufacturer by e-mail or live chat.
  • The software can optionally adapted to your needs, the software grows with you.

To impression of the software to make another one, look at the program in the Images Gallery on.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 2000 and Windows 2008 R2 (32/64)
  • Windows XP to Windows 7 (32/64)

Installation instructions:

  • Automatic permit
    All USB devices at the time of installation will automatically trust and are found in the list of “permissible equipment” in the admin. Other USB devices can there be a wizard allowed to see pictures Gallery .
  • Update from 0.4.27
    If you installed the previous version 0.4.27, so please uninstall this version before. Since this version was still administered on a normal program and not via the Microsoft Management Console. With each additional update is the previous uninstallation is not necessary.


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