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Bcrypt是一个跨平台的文件加密工具。 加密文件可在所有支持的操作系统和处理器。 传递短语必须是8至56个字符,并在内部散列到448位的密钥。



More information on the algorithm can be found at Counterpane. Specifically, bcrypt uses Paul Kocher’s implementation of the algorithm.

Bcrypt has a few limitations. First, bcrypt encrypts/decrypts individual files and not directories. The way around that is to tarball/zip and then encrypt your archive. Second, the passphrase in the Windows version isn’t masked: you will see your passphrase when you enter it (twice to encrypt, once to decrypt).

Bcrypt Installation:
Open up the terminal Application > Accessories > Terminal and type following command to install Bcrypt:

sudo apt-get install bcrypt

Encrypt/Decrypt data/File using Bcrypt:
Here is the simple example of Encrypting the file, open up the terminal and type following command to encrypt any given file:

bcrypt -c test.txt

Here you need to provide the pass-phrases that should be between 8 and 56 characters, encrypted files will be saved with an extension of .bfe. Any files ending in .bfe will be assumed to be encrypted with bcrypt and will attempt to decrypt them using simple command

bcrypt test.bfe

By default, bcrypt will compress input files before encryption, remove input files after they are processed (assuming they are processed successfully) and overwrite input files with random data to prevent data recovery.

Bcrypt Options:
-o    print output to standard out. Implies -r.
-c    DO NOT compress files before encryption.
-r    DO NOT remove input files after processing
-sN    How many times to overwrite input files with random data before processing. The default number of overwrites is 3. Use -s0 to disable this feature. No effect if -r is supplied.

System Requirements

Source code release:
zlib – http://www.gzip.org/zlib/
Win32 binary release:
zlib.dll – zlib-1.1.4-bin.zip


Source Code: bcrypt-1.1.tar.gz GPG signature bcrypt-1.1.tar.gz.asc
Win32 Binary: bcrypt-1.1.zip GPG signature bcrypt-1.1.zip.asc
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