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StulleMule是德国的eMule Mod开发者Stulle的作品,是一个基于“忍者骡”MorphXT的 二次Mod,此类Mod的共同特征是强大的资源发布能力,被广大资源发布者所喜爱。StulleMule内置了Xtreme的DLP反吸血功能。同 时,StulleMule还拥有能够屏蔽恶意客户端的Sivka Ban功能。比较好玩的是,StulleMule内有一个小彩蛋。

一些资源发布者所翘首企盼的StulleMule新版终于发布了,虽然此前几个月很多eMule用户声称看到了作者自己已经在使用 StulleMule v7.0,不过并没有发布,直到新版忍者骡eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.6发布,作者终于在西欧圣诞节(2010-12-25)这天发布了新版StulleMule,此版本恰恰基于eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.6制作,可以说是作者给大家的一个圣诞礼物了。


Hey folks,
I have kept you waiting for a long time but I finally found the time to complete StulleMule 7.0. I hope you will enjoy this version.
As you can see in the changelog, this is mainly a maintenance release. The whole Anti Leecher code has been updated. Other than that, there is now integer based Fair Play and some more bug fixes.
Well, here you go. Have fun after one and a half year.
Have fun!


StulleMule v7.0 installer(安装程序)

StulleMule v7.0 binairies(“绿色版”)

StulleMule v7.0 sources(源代码)





eMule v0.50a StulleMule v7.0下载


帮助 | eMule官方 | eMule Fans 电骡爱好者 | eMule-Mods.de | 插件主页
eMule0.50a-StulleMule_v7.0-installer.exe 查源 11.11MB
eMule0.50a-StulleMule_v7.0-bin.rar 查源 4.9MB
eMule0.50a-StulleMule_v7.0-src.rar 查源 8.47MB
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以下是eMule v0.50a StulleMule v7.0的更新日志(英文):

eMule v0.50a StulleMule v7.0:
- 25.12.2010 -
based on eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.6 compiled with vs2010

Added: Tooltip for Show overhead on title [Stulle]
Added: Random Modstring detection [WiZaRd]
Added: Mod faker detection based on “«…»” in nick [zz_fly]
Added: Leecher nick detection (randomized nick) [zz_fly]

Changed: Updated Enhanced Client Recognition to v2 (minor change) [Stulle/WiZaRd]
Changed: Disable ASFU if too many folders are shared [Stulle]
+ fixes related crashes; increases ASFU version number to 3.5
Changed: No Pay back First for non-SUI clients if client ident failed [Stulle]
Changed: Reworked coloring of windows (fixes some tab controls on Vista/7) [Stulle]
Changed: Allowed localization of Dropmenu [Stulle]
Changed: Fair Play is now integerbased [Stulle]

Updated: Anti-Leecher-Lists (DLP v43) [zz_fly]
Updated: Following language files: German [Stulle]; French [jamjam];
Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly]; Italian [Myth88]

Fixed: Global Mod statistics were not displayed [Stulle]
Fixed: Service was not stopped when it should be stopped on starting emule.exe [Stulle]
+ occured when service name was changed
Fixed: Crashfix for reloading share via ASFU under certain circumstances [WiZaRd]
Fixed: Improper display in Shared Files List due to PowerShare column [Stulle]
Fixed: Push Small File settings got reset if 1kB was chosen [Stulle]
Fixed: Static Server style was not applied [Stulle]

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