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Evernote 2.0 for Mac is officially out of Beta and available for download. Now, all of our Mac users get in-app sharing, Notebook Stacks and lots more!

To get it, check for updates or download from our site.

Notebook sharing

The days of going to the Web in order to share your notebooks are over. Now, share notebooks with friends and co-workers, as well as view notebooks that have been shared with you, without ever leaving Evernote for Mac.

The left panel is now split into two tabs. There’s an Account tab, which refers to your own notes, and a Shared tab, which allows you to access all of Evernote’s sharing functions. Click the Shared tab to get started.

Sharing your notebooks

Click on Manage Sharing at the top of the Sharing Panel. This will display a list of your notebooks. Next, click the Start Sharing button near a notebook to share it. You have two sharing options, either you can make your notebook completely public or you can share it with a select group of individuals.

Public notebooks
When you choose to Share with the world, the notebook will have a URL that you can share with anyone. These notebooks also have RSS feeds associated with them and they may be crawled by search engines if anyone publishes the URL.

Sharing with individuals and groups
You can also share notebooks with individuals and groups. This type of sharing is done by entering in email addresses of those you wish to invite to the notebook. You can also choose whether those you invite are required to sign into Evernote in order to view the notebook.

Premium feature: Editing shared notebooks
If you are an Evernote Premium user, then you can allow others to edit the contents of your shared notebook. This is a great option for group collaboration. And since it’s all inside of Evernote for Mac, it feels just like working on your own notes.

Premium feature: Note history
In addition, Evernote’s Premium Note History feature works for shared notebooks, allowing Premium subscribers to see previous versions of notes, which is useful when multiple people are editing the same notebook.

Sharing and Sponsored Accounts

We recently launched Sponsored Accounts, which is an easy way for a organizations to get Evernote Premium accounts for everyone on their teams. If you’re a school or business that wants to take full advantage of the sharing capabilities of Evernote, including the Premium-only features, then Sponsored Accounts may be for you. Take a look at our Sponsored Accounts page for more information.

Linking notebooks

Notebooks can be linked into your account in two ways. Either you receive a sharing invitation from someone via email or you visit a public shared notebook. In both cases, click the Link to my account button at the top of the page.

Once you link a notebook to your account, hit Sync and it will show up in the Shared Notebook panel. The first time you view the notebook, the notes will Sync down to your desktop. You will be asked to configure how frequently you want Evernote to check for updates in these linked notebooks. To change the frequency, Control+click on the notebook and choose Notebook Settings.

Notebooks Stacks

One of the biggest requests that we’ve received has been for ways to organize notebooks. Whether you use Evernote for your work and personal lives, or simply love to create lots of notebooks, keeping things tidy can be tough. We’ve come up with a great solution for keeping your notebooks neat and organized: Notebooks Stacks. Stacks are a visual grouping for notebooks. Drop all your related notebooks into their own stacks, then view or collapse them as needed.

Create a Notebook Stack
Creating Notebook Stacks is easy. Either drag and drop one notebook onto another to create a stack or CMD+click on a notebook and choose Add to Stack. Stacks are synced to your account, so as soon as they’re available in the other versions of Evernote, you’ll be able to see them everywhere. For now, stacks will only show up in this Mac.

Tip: Your local computer remembers which stacks you’ve left opened or closed, so you can leave a stack called “Work” open on your work machine and a stack called “Home” open… you see where this is going.

Redesigned left panel

In addition to Stacks and Sharing, the left panel also got a redesign. This update is meant to improve the experience of users with lots of notebooks, tags and saved searches. You can now resize and minimize sections within the left panel. To resize them, drag the headers up and down. You can also scroll within each section. Click on the gear icon at the bottom of the left panel to add or remove elements from the left panel. If you never use the Attributes panel, for instance, just get rid of it and reclaim some vertical space.

More great features

Easy file attachment

There’s a new Attachment button in the note toolbar that lets you attach a file to the note. Click the paperclip and locate you file. Drag and drop still works, but sometimes it’s just easier to navigate to the file.

More notebooks

You can now have up to 250 notebooks in your accounts. One group that might find this notebook increase useful are teachers. If you’re a teacher looking to organize student work by notebook, you can now do that for a lot more students.

Getting Started Guide

We have a great new Getting Started Guide. Be sure to take a look through it to find some really useful tips and suggestions. There’s a link to the Getting Started Guide right in the Help menu of Evernote for Mac.

When is this coming to other versions of Evernote

We know that you can’t wait to see these features on Evernote for Windows and other versions of Evernote. Short answer: they’re coming. We’re working on it. Stay tuned.

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