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FeedDemon是Windows 平台最受欢迎的RSS阅读软件之一,它具有简单友好的用户界面,使您可以快速抓取最新的新闻和信息。您可以完全自定义组织和显示Feed 的方式,设置自定义的基于关键词的新闻监视器。预先配置的众多Feed,让您可以立即开始使用它。其内建的Podcast接收程序可以 下载音乐文件到您的 移动音频设备。另外,FeedDemon可以与NewsGator Online自动同步,并与Bloglines等流行的RSS服务集成。

New features aside, FeedDemon 4.0 is also significantly faster than previous versions, and synchronization with Google Reader is more efficient than ever. Plus, the interface has been streamlined and simplified to make it easier to use.

This new version also returns to FeedDemon’s roots as a paid application. The final release of FeedDemon 4.0 comes in two flavors – Pro and Lite – which offer different feature sets. FeedDemon Pro offers the full feature set and will require purchasing a serial number (price TDB). If you purchased a serial number for FeedDemon 3.0, there will be a nice discount when upgrading to the new Pro version. A free ad-supported Lite version with a reduced feature set also available.


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