Phrase Express 8发布–自定义拼写更正工具

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I have reviewed Phrase Express back in 2007 and came to the verdict that the software was an interesting application for users who type a lot on their computer systems. Phrase Express back then allowed the user to define abbreviations which would be automatically expanded in supported programs like Microsoft Office products or Internet Explorer. The program offered automatic spell correction in select applications as well.

More than three years have passed since this initial review and a lot has changed in that time. Phrase Express 8 is still available as a (limited) free version that offers the following functionality:

  • Organize frequently used text snippets.
  • Expand abbreviations as you type.
  • Launch programs with text shortcuts.
  • Auto-complete repetitive phrases.
  • Quick access to the Windows Clipboard History.
  • Correct spelling mistakes in any applications

Phrase Express users will notice the changes right away. Especially the new system-wide spelling correction and new TypoLearn feature need some explanation.

Phrase Express 8 can correct spelling mistakes in all applications on the computer system. The spelling correction in previous versions was limited to select programs.

Even better is the new TypoLearn feature which will automatically detect common typos of the user. The module learns from the corrections and will add the typo and correction to its database to offer the use the corrected item right away when a typo is made.

Another interesting feature is the ability to launch applications from within any text field. Applications are added to the list of supported programs with a right-click and the selection of Open With Phrase Express. They are from that moment on available for text launching

Phrase Express can import existing Microsoft Word AutoCorrect entries so that they can be used in any program, not just in Microsoft Office applications.

Users can add custom spelling corrections and auto-text entries to expand abbreviations automatically.

Phrase Express can remember all Windows Clipboard items and optionally remove text formatting from entries stored in the clipboard.

While it has been primarily been designed for use with text phrases and words, it can also be used for web development purposes and coding to auto complete and fill often used coding snippets.

Phrase Express is available for download at the official developer website. (via)

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