Puppy Wary 5.0发布

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Puppy Linux ‘Wary’ is a parallel development to Puppy, Luci Puppy, but with a different target market – older hardware. Puppies built with recent Linux kernel and X.Org may not work properly on older computers. In particular, some analog dial-up modem drivers cannot be compiled with recent kernels. Another major area is old video hardware not working with latest X.Org drivers. Wary is built with an old kernel (currently and X.Org 7.3 so as to provide better drivers for the older hardware. However, Wary is in all other respects at the leading-edge like the other puppies, with recent applications, and support for all modern peripherals.

The latest release of  Puppy Linux ‘Wary’ is the version 5.0 and has been released today. See the release announcement.

Here are highlights of Wary 5.0, :

  • Built with latest Woof, December 29, 2010, plus ‘zzz’ branch (see above)
  • Many applications/utilities
  • Recent user-contributions to ‘puppy-wary5’ repository
  • Many bug fixes and improvements
  • BaCon BASIC compiler in ‘devx’
  • Older kernel, with extra modem drivers
  • Older X.org 7.3, supports older video hardware
  • Video X.org upgrades for newer hardware
  • Fantastic support for multimedia
  • Suggested logo for Wary (also see logo above)

As usualy we installed puppy wary and we made some screenshots from this new release:

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