Total Commander 7.56

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Total Commander(简称TC)是一个功能强大的全能文件管理器,支持随意自定义的菜单、工具栏、快捷键,给您最大的自由。一般的文件操作,如搜索、复 制、移动、改名、删除等功能应有尽有,更有文件内容比较、同步文件夹、批量重命名文件、分割合并文件、创建/检查文件校验(MD5/SFV) 等实用功能。

Total Commander 7.56 for Windows released!
December 1, 2010: Total Commander 7.56 is now available for download. This version mainly corrects some errors which were found after the release of Total Commander 7.55a, but also adds some minor new features. The most important are:

  • Button bar right click menu: Option to run a program as administrator
  • Find files: Keep last search results when using “Go to file” or “Cancel”
  • Lister and Compare by content: Auto-detect UTF-8 files by their content

Please download Total Commander 7.56 (Shareware) now from our Download page!

The update is still free for all registered users (also of Windows Commander) – please check our update instructions.

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