Weather Desktop Background-根据天气更换桌面壁纸

On 2010年12月9日, in soft, by netoearth

Weather Desktop Background could be a complimentary tool for Aero Weather, a program that I have reviewed earlier here at Ghacks. Aero Weather changed the Aero color based on the weather conditions.

Weather Desktop Background basically does the same for the desktop wallpaper. The program changes the desktop wallpaper based on the weather condition so that users know them on a glance.

How does it work? It begins with a download of the program from the developer page. The program is portable and can be started right after it has been downloaded and unpacked on the system. It has to be noted that the program will only work on Windows 7 (and probably Windows Server 2008 R2).

weather desktop background changer

It begins by selecting a location in the world that should be used for the weather background images. But the location is just the first step. Users now need to specify desktop background images for each weather condition since the default weather conditions display only a text of the condition.

This can take some time considering that the program lists 31 different weather conditions for which the user could add a unique background image. Images are added by clicking on a weather condition and selecting an image from the local system.

The program offers no options to change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius or the wind speed from mph to km/h.

Weather Desktop Background is compatible with all versions of the Windows 7 operating system. Users can download the application from the developer’s Deviantart page. (via)

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