Youtube’s video restrictions make it sometimes necessary to divide videos into multiple parts which are then shown under suggestions and sometimes added by the uploader in the video description.

It is rather cumbersome to watch a multi-part video on Youtube as it involves finding the next part of the video to continue watching a video.

MultiPartTube offers an ingenious solution to the problem. The Google Chrome extension scans the page for additional video parts and embeds an option to play all video parts directly on the page.

multi part tube

A click on the link opens the video on a third party website where it can be watched completely. The extension basically adds all video parts to a playlist and embeds that playlist on the third party website.

youtube video parts

The extension is able to identify parts that are listed as part 1/x, part 2 of x and teil 1 of 2 (German).

The identification worked flawlessly on tested videos. The only problem is that the extension is linked to the third party website which means that videos can not be played anymore if the website should go offline or exceeds its bandwidth.

Chrome users who regularly watch videos on Youtube find the extension useful nevertheless. MultiPartTube is only available for the Chrome web browser. Chrome users can install it directly on the official Google Chrome extensions’s gallery.

Which leaves a question: Is there a comparable add-on for Firefox or Opera?

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