phpPgAdmin 5.0.2 Released

On 2011年01月5日, in soft, by netoearth


This second update of the pgpPgAdmin 5.0 branch brings some bug fixes on features, compatibility and clean some code. Details bellow.

==== Download ====

To download phpPgAdmin 5.0.2 right now, visit:

==== Changelog ====

* Fix a css typo & error in cappuccino theme
* Fix #3139003 “Autocomplete doesn’t insert value”, report and patch by Aleksander Machniak
* Fix bad inheritance between pg83 -> pg instead of pg83 -> pg84 in the database access classes. This bug was breaking some functionalities with 8.3
* Fix a lot of nonstandard escaped string in the database access classes


The phpPgAdmin Team

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