Bugzilla 4.0正式版发布

On 2011年02月16日, in soft, by netoearth

Bugzilla是用於软件缺陷追踪的網絡應用程式,由Mozilla計劃开发和应用。1998年网景公司開放其原始碼,後以Mozilla Public License协议授權。眾多组织应用它作免费软件产权软件的产品缺陷追踪。

We released Bugzilla 4.0 a few minutes ago! It has many new features and improvements compared to Bugzilla 3.x, and comes almost 4 years after Bugzilla 3.0 (which was released in May 2007). With this major release, Bugzilla 3.2.x reached End Of Life (EOL) and is now unsupported. Everybody running a version older than 3.4.10 should upgrade to 4.0 to get future security and stability fixes.

Bugzilla 4.0 got full testing from the QA team, and should be considered stable:

All tests successful.
Files=55, Tests=11621, 2473 wallclock secs ( 1.86 usr  0.23 sys + 21.95 cusr  1.66 csys = 25.70 CPU)
Result: PASS

Enjoy! :)


Bugzilla 4.0 (2.9M)

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