Cherokee 1.2.0 发布

On 2011年02月23日, in soft, by netoearth

Cherokee 是非常快速,灵活和容易配置的网络服务器。现今它支持的普遍技术有: FastCGI、SCGI、PHP、CGI、uWSGI、SSI、TLS和SSL加密连接、虚拟主机、认证、HTTP负载平衡、类似于apache日志记 录、数据库平衡、HTTP 反向代理、带宽优化、音频视频流等很多. 此外,Cherokee 也提供易用的配置界面,从而用户可以从头到脚的设置服务器却不需要编辑配置文件.此版本为cherokee 1.2.x 分支的首个版本,最大的亮点在于增加了cherokee market 功能,更加方便用户通过cherokee admin 后台一键化安装应用,灰常易用.

Changes since the previous release

 * NEW: Cherokee Market support !!!
 * NEW: Regex against full header match
 * NEW: "Drop Connection" handler
 * FIX: FastCGI EAGAIN issue (#1133)
 * FIX: Spawning mechanism improvements
 * FIX: Adds a new test to ensure localhost can be resolved
 * FIX: A few minor interface issues were fixed (admin)
 * FIX: Substitutions are optional on the proxy rules (admin, #1136) 
 * FIX: A few deprecated wizards were removed
 * FIX: Better handle of processes termination
 * FIX: Many documentation updates
 * FIX: Better CPU/Mem stats on some Linux systems
 * FIX: $PATH is inherited now (FastCGI, SCGI, uWSGI and CGI)
 * FIX: Spanish translation updated (100% translated)
 * FIX: Milliseconds handle on 32bits computers (#1132)
 * FIX: Mono wizard problem addressed (#1130)


A tarball file is already available for you to download:

 * MD5: db01585aa4f42929b44ca008d64ffcdc
 * SHA1: af8e4ee0e3dce59db86855a59aa0724ca0cfb331
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