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Midori,是一個輕量級的跨平台網絡瀏覽器。用C語言編寫,使用GTK+ 2,搜索部分基於OpenSearch的搜索框。其名稱來自於日文的「緑」(みどり)。Midori使用WebKit排版引擎。擴展也使用C語言編寫,自帶的包括鼠標手勢,彩色標籤頁,廣告過濾等。使用Netscape插件(等同於Firefox插件)。

Midori is a lightweight web browser.



  • Full integration with GTK+ 2
  • Fast rendering with WebKit
  • Tabs, windows and session management
  • Flexibly configurable Web Search.
  • User scripts and user styles support.
  • Straightforward bookmark management.
  • Customizable and extensible interface.
  • Extensions such as Adblock, form history, mouse gestures or cookie management.

Requirements: GTK+ 2.10, WebkitGTK+ 1.1.1, libXML2, libsoup 2.25.2, sqlite

Optional: Unique 0.9, libidn, docutils, libnotify

Current State

Development happens in a git repository, from which stable versions are regularly prepared. Releases of WebKitGTK+ is tracked actively but older versions are supported.

For more information see the Midori FAQ.


Download: midori v0.3.0 (799 kB) (MD5) (ChangeLog)
Legacy Midori for WebKitGTK+ 1.1.0 and older: midori v0.1.0 (260 kB)

Midori Win32 Setup v0.2.6 (10,5 MB)
Midori Win32 Archive v0.2.6 (15,3 MB)

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