VLC Media Player 1.1.7 Final

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VLC 多媒体播放器(最初为VideoLAN Client,是VideoLAN计划的多媒体播放器。)支持众多音频与视频解码器及文件格式,并支持DVD影音光盘,VCD影音光盘及各类流协议。它也 能作为unicast 或 multicast的流服务器在IPv4 或 IPv6的高速网络连接下使用。调用FFmpeg计划的解码器与libdvdcss程序库使其有播放多媒体文件及加密DVD影碟的功能。

下载:VLC media player 1.1.7 Final for Windows (18.5 MB)
下载:VLC media player 1.1.7 Final for Linux(22.3 MB)
下载:VLC media player 1.1.7 Final for MAC(39.5 MB)

VideoLAN and the VLC development team present VLC 1.1.7, a small security update on 1.1.6.
Small new features, many bugfixes, updated translations and security issues were making the 1.1.6 release. Notable improvements include codecs, demuxers, Audio-CD support, subtitles, visualization and platform integration.
Source and Windows and MacOSX builds are available.
See the release notes for more information on 1.1.6.

Source was available yesterday; binaries for Windows and Mac OS X are now available.

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