foobar2000 v1.1.6 beta 1发布

On 2011年03月21日, in soft, by netoearth

Foobar2000 是一个非常非常值得推荐的多媒体播放器!程序体积非常小巧,运行时只占有1.9M内存,5%左右的CPU资源,资源消费很小,界面朴素,没有Skin和其 他多余的东西,简单就是一种美。

foobar2000 v1.1.6 beta 1 has been released. This update focuses on improving tagging compatibility with Windows Media Player and iTunes.
change log version 1.1.6
Improved performance when playing very short tracks. Improved tag compatibility with other software. “Album artist” is mapped to ID3v2 TPE2 like in WMP/iTunes. Support for iTunes “itunescompilation” tags, in MP3/ID3v2 and MP4. ID3v2.3 tags are now written by default since version 2.4 seems to be widely ignored by software vendors. Added support for multi-value WMA tags. Read more about tagging changes Improved reading of MP3 encoding information headers written by alpha versions of LAME. ReplayGain scanner now uses libebur128 for improved accuracy.

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