opera 11.10 beta1 build 2048发布

On 2011年03月17日, in soft, by netoearth

Today we released the beta of Opera 11.10 (download), codenamed “Barracuda”. We keep pushing on innovation and evolution in the Opera browser and this has resulted in new smarter features and overall faster performance.

扩展让您更容易的为 Opera 增加新功能。
可视化鼠标手势帮助您了解如何通过鼠标控制 Opera。
集成的 Google 搜索建议帮助您更容易的获取结果。
速度优化使 Opera 在基准测试中达到新的高度。
增强的网络标准支持,包括 HTML5 server-sent 事件和 Web Sockets。
自动更新让您的扩展和 Opera Unite 应用始终保持最新。

Speed Dial has been one of Opera’s most-loved features since its introduction four years ago. The number of Speed Dials is now unlimited, thanks to the new Speed Dial flow feature, which opens new Speed Dials dynamically as you add them.

Customization now include new layout choices, and an improved zoom slider lets you fit more layouts in your monitor. Check out our product video for more details:

Opera now downloads (the Flash) plug-in(s) with ease. When you visit a page that requires Flash, Opera can now download the plug-in automatically and install it in the background. A seamless, simple process.

More fun for web developers: A new browser core makes this the fastest version of Opera, and also adds support for CSS3’s multi-column layouts and gradients, the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and Google’s WebP image protocol.


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