Opera 11.10 Build 2018开发版发布

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Opera是来自挪威的一个极为出色的网络浏览套件,具有速度快、节省系统资源、定制能力强、安全性高以及体积小等特点,目前已经是广受欢迎的浏览器之一。多文档接 口 (MDI)、方便的缩放功能、整合搜索引擎、快捷键与鼠标手势、浏览历史记忆、防止恶意弹出窗口、全屏模式、对 HTML 标准的支持、整合电子邮件与新闻群组以及让用户自定义按钮、皮肤、工具栏等等,都使 Opera 多年来倍受喜爱。

Changes in Opera 11.10 Build 2014 Dev:
* CORE-34165 (Malware check should ignore intranet URIs)
* CORE-35189 (Memory usage errors on www.channel4.com/news/catch-up/)
* CORE-35514 (Opera freezes on some turkish sites)
* New Speed Dial Flow layout
* Feature discoverability improvements
* Potential fixes for some reported crashes that have not been reproduced locally
* DSK-276688 (Can not change mail signature from HTML to plain text)
* DSK-310758 (Dialog “Opera printing” is hardcoded English)
* DSK-312815 (POP3 crash on exit)
* DSK-322763 (Crash saving bookmarks file)
* DSK-323901 (Mail label created from “save search” also shows non-matching messages that are received after the label is created)
* DSK-324324 (Sorting message list by label isn’t working anymore)
* DSK-325103 (Label As submenu from the mail body context menu shows an empty label list)
* DSK-325160 (Can’t connect directly to a Unite instance)
* DSK-325608 (Crash after opening Mail Window in separate tab)
* DSK-326478 (“Sent” view under POP access point shows sent messages for all accounts that use the same SMTP server)
* DSK-326763 (POP Inbox view is not updated anymore after restart)
* DSK-326876 (Crash on exit, with either POP or mailing list / feed folders)
* DSK-327600 (‘saved search’ labels removed after second restart)
* DSK-327834 (Crash on startup for upgrade from 11.01.1190 to 11.10.24399)
* DSK-329408 (IPv6 connection failures on Mac/Linux/FreeBSD)
* DSK-325978 (Improve (cold) startup performance on machines with slower disks)
* CORE-35845 (Geolocation module initialisation takes too long to startup)
* DSK-296999 (Crash/exit in when a user attempts to forcibly shut Opera down)
* DSK-322116 (CSS cursor:progress is using old x11 style cursor)
* DSK-326370 (X11 File chooser does not always update content)
* DSK-326611 (Menubar layout doesn’t change when widget style change in KDE4)
* DSK-326729 (Styling issues for the menubar)
* DSK-326764 (Opera does not support XSettings protocol)

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