Piwik 1.2发布

On 2011年03月4日, in soft, by netoearth

Piwik 1.2 is a significant update that fixes bugs and adds new features, including first party cookies and custom variables.

It contains many database schema changes so please be careful when running the Update script, do not click multiple times and give it some time to finish. On large Piwik setups, make sure to run the Update Script from the Shell!

Please read the notes below. Enjoy!

Breaking Changes in the JS API

  • The deprecated JavaScript API methods setDownloadClass() and setLinkClass() have been removed. Please use setDownloadClasses() and setLinkClasses(), respectively (introduced in Piwik 0.4.2). setCustomData was also deprecated, you can now use setCustomVariable
  • The configuration setting, “reverse_proxy”, has been renamed to “assume_secure_protocol”. If your config/config.ini.php contains “reverse_proxy=1″, simply change this to “assume_secure_protocol=1″.
  • Deprecated setting “use_first_referer_to_determine_goal_referer” which is now a JS API method (see setConversionAttributionFirstReferrer() in conversion attribution js doc)

See also the new  FAQs & How to:

After You Update

  • You may notice an uptick in unique visitors as return visitors are switched over to first party cookies.
  • If you are using cron-based archiving, make sure the archive.sh script has execute (x) permission set for the cron user.
  • Please use the forums for support.

List of issues fixed in this release

  • #1363    New Api function Actions.getPageUrls to make it easy to search for a given URL or path
  • #409     Implement first party cookie in Piwik
  • #1736     Segmentation in API
  • #1984     Custom Variables support: new JS API and new reports
  • #1916     Fix Edge case: each page is a new visit
  • #1698     archive.sh compatible with Freebsd (using /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash)
  • #1973     Work around php bug #53632 (CVE-ID: 2010-4645)
  • #1974     Archiving doesn’t work anymore on 1.1.x with the cron script
  • #1965     Can’t install automatically piwik 1.1.1 on some php 5.2 setups
  • #2056     Mails are again sent to the superuser and not to the creator
  • #1991     Goal matching regex – test for regression
  • #1966     Live! plugin performance issues
  • #2078     piwik.js: enableLinkTracking() not working in Safari/Chrome/Webkit
  • #1765     update to ZF 1.11.3
  • #1780     Missing index in mysql table piwik_options
  • #1625     CSS3 Support for IE 8 with CSS3PIE
  • #1373     Visitor Generator should update website ts_created field with earliest date
  • #1460     Workaround broken mod_security rules causing Piwik to not track visits
  • #334     UI: click on Next/Previous should scroll up for subtables
  • #1888     Piwik_Period_Day->toString() should support variable formats
  • #173     API responses sub tables should contain same metrics as parent tables (filters should be applied recursively)
  • #2018     PDF font text appear white in PDFs when read in google PDF reader
  • #555     UI: Widgets are too wide in dashboard:”goals” and “advanced” table view should be disabled in the dashboard
  • #1961     Reports do not send whilst set to a daily basis
  • #2115     piwik.js: configTrackerUrl cannot contain a “?” for GET request method
  • #1556     Installation – english labels inconsistency
  • #1709     Visitors > Settings > Wide screen report Mobile/Tablet screens
  • #752     piwik.js: Tracking middle clicks automatically (they do not fire onclick event)
  • #1553     Tracker API improvements : enable set IP and set server date & time
  • #1940     Detect output compression conflict
  • #1382     Sites Manager and Users Manager – Save Confusion
  • #1417     Disable tree-like structure in Actions>Page titles report
  • #1388     Page URLs should not record the hash part of the URL
  • #1600     Action datatables should use integer indexes rather than string indexes (smaller size and faster access)
  • #2015     Clarify reverse_proxy vs proxy headers
  • #1947     Live! real time reorders last visitors on display
  • #2027     Grey out the ‘Update’ button after click to prevent multiple starts of update
  • #2007     Performance: don’t store md5 as strings in the log tables
  • #2046     Installation: improve “Re-use existing tables”
  • #2067     Remove alpha/transparency layer from icons
  • #1827     Review use of preg_* functions on long strings
  • #2106     javascript: json2 and jslint updates
  • #1951     Add sentence to give count of Users and Websites at top of page
  • #1980     UI: Piwik admin UI should be consistent with main app (color, styles)
  • #1898     Page Titles report should be as complete as Page URLs report
  • #1803     Add a column “Alias” to Manage Users Access
  • #1740     UsersManager: Sort list of websites alphabetically
  • #739     piwik.js enhancements
  • #2061     Allow Users API to return specific users, rather than the full list
  • #2062     New API UsersManager.getUsersWithSiteAccess(idSite, access)
  • #2042     Add ‘category’ field to Websites, to allow easier bulk access management
  • #2068     Live! widget to work when embedded on a third party page with token_auth
  • #2051     PDF: usability – disabling of scheduled reports
  • #2099     UserAgentParser: misdetect Shiira and Safari
  • #2100     All websites dashboard config setting to set number of websites per page (50 by default)
  • #1107     Tracker: consecutive goal conversions from same visitor create new visit
  • #1950     Compressed assets not being removed on update
  • #1963     PDFReports: cron task stops with Error: Object of class Piwik_Date could not be converted to int (piwik/core/Date.php on line 47)
  • #1962     Object doesn’t support property/method in piwik.js and IE7
  • #1967     Install doesn’t work on free.fr (using 5.1.3RC4)
  • #1970     Add new user fails with message “The login has to be between 3…”
  • #1977     Consistency check fails for few files in some cases
  • #1976     Yandex search referers not tracked properly
  • #1968     Add cache busting string to download URL
  • #1979     Regression: UsersManager> Apply to all websites not working
  • #1829     Improve UI speed: cancel ajax requests on menu click
  • #1981     Scheduled PDF Reports very slow when thousands of websites in Piwik
  • #1993     SecurityInfo plugin: fileperms error with session.save_path
  • #1998     Performance Tracker: delete column and INDEX and reuse another one
  • #2001     Creation of directory /tmp/templates_c while using api
  • #1958     Broken json extension: Login not working in 1.1.1 for some users
  • #2004     SEO: Yahoo siteexplorer no longer expects URLs to be prefixed by http://
  • #2002     Performance: Denormalize one logging table
  • #2006     Countries/Continents: .cy Cyprus is in EU
  • #2020     Show ‘DB upgrade’ message on update, only when there is a schema update
  • #2023     SEO – Domain Age no longer fetching age
  • #2022     Actions > Exit/Entry pages Next/Previous links a bit buggy
  • #1949     Bug in yearly archiving in very rare case
  • #1848     ‘No data in this category. Try to “Include all popu…’ when accessing a subtable after pagination in Page URLs or Page titles reports
  • #2026     UI: Pages DataTable, many similar http requests triggered
  • #2047     DBStats: mysql_connect() dependency
  • #2052     Creation of PDF reports fails in some cases, uses too much memory
  • #2069     Exit rate should use visits to the page, not hits
  • #2093     PDF Reports don’t use user’s language
  • #2054     Live plugin: Incorrect representation of the Week results under “Visitors – Visitors log”
  • #2076     Visitor Log month view is incomplete
  • #1988     All websites report should not show unique visitors column for ‘year’
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