webOS SDK/PDK安装指南

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Starting with the 1.4.5 release of the SDK, the PDK is included as a part of the installation package. During installation, you will be given the opportunity to opt out of installing the PDK.


Documentation for webOS 2.1 is included in a separate download, shown below. The download includes updated API documentation and sample code.


Save your data! Uninstalling the SDK and PDK will delete the directories in which they are installed. If you have project source code in those directories it will be deleted!

Your project source should not be stored in the SDK or PDK installation directories.

1. Uninstall any existing SDK or PDK installations

  1. Uninstall the previous SDK (if present) using the Windows Add/Remove Program control panel.
  2. Uninstall the previous PDK (if present) by running c:\Program Files\Palm\PDK\uninstallpdk.exe.
    • When prompted, make sure you also un-install the Novacom driver.

2. Install Java

Download and install the latest version of Java™.

To verify that Java is installed, go to the Command Prompt and type:

java -version

If Java is installed, Java version information appears.

Download Java




If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, you will need to download the JDK from a different location. Click here to go to the Java Downloads page, then click on the “JDK” link under the “Java Download” icon. From there, you will be able to select the 64-bit Windows version of the JDK.

3. Install VirtualBox

The webOS emulator is built on VirtualBox™, virtual machine software that you can download free from Oracle®. VirtualBox is required before installing the HP webOS SDK. Note: The webOS emulator does not yet run on Virtualbox 4.0. Use the link below to download version 3.2.

Download VirtualBox

4. Install the HP webOS SDK for Windows

  1. Download the Windows SDK.
  2. Ensure VirtualBox is not running before starting the webOS SDK Installer.
  3. Double-click the webOS SDK Installer file.

Download SDK

Windows 64-bit

Windows Vista & Windows 7 only

Download SDK

Windows 32-bit

5. Download the webOS 2.1 SDK documents and samples

  1. Download the documents and samples package.
  2. Unzip the package to a convenient location. Documentation is in a subfolder called “docs”, and sample code is in the “samples” subfolder.
  3. Open the file “docs.html” in your browser to view the webOS 2.1 SDK documentation.

6. Verify the SDK Installation

  1. Start the webOS emulator.
  2. Click OK to dismiss the dialog boxes.
  3. Create or choose a directory to use as your development workspace.
  4. Open a Command Prompt window, and then type:

    to verify that the tools are installed:

    • If help information appears, the tools are correctly installed.
    • If palm-generate is not recognized as a command, the tools are not correctly installed.
    • If java is not recognized as a command, Java is not correctly installed
  5. Exit both the Command Prompt window and the emulator.

Note: If you experience installation issues, try a clean install. To uninstall, follow uninstall instructions.

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