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Android: Whether or not you use Winamp on a Windows system and enable wireless syncing, there’s a few things to recommend Winamp for Android. It’s got a good, better-than-default interface, it supports Shoutcast streaming stations, and can import iTunes libraries and playlists. In other words, it makes you think about using Winamp on your desktop.

That’s not to say that Winamp in its 1.0 release isn’t in need of some tender care—commenters at the Android Market do note some problems with ID3 tags, and a need for an EQ function. But given how handy a Winamp desktop/Android combination can be, it’s an upgrade any Android user bored with the standard Music app should consider.

Winamp is a free download for Android systems, and requires its desktop counterpart to provide wireless syncing.

Winamp [Android Market via Download Squad]

Winamp for Android

Winamp is available as both a desktop application and as a mobile application for AndroidTM OS devices. Winamp for AndroidTM is available for download from the Android Market. Having both Winamp installed on your desktop and on your Android device, offers you a complete media management solution.

Media Sync

You can sync your media through a wired connection or wirelessly.

For wired sync, you will need to plug-in your Android device via USB. From the Winamp desktop application, go to the Devices node in the Media Library. From the Android device be sure you have enabled the USB drive mode (USB mass storage mode). Enabling USB drive mode, allows you to copy files to/from your computer.

Additionally, the Winamp for Android app offers an optional setting to enable “auto-mount”. Auto-mount will automatically enable the USB drive mode. To activate this setting, go to the Winamp app home screen >> Menu >> Settings and select “Enable auto-mount”. Note: USB drive mode may temporarily disable other applications from running on your Android device.

With Winamp 5.59 Beta (or above) installed on your PC and the Winamp app installed on your Android device, you have the option to sync media over a Wi-Fi network. From the Winamp app home screen go to Menu >> Settings and select “Enable wireless sync”. This allows your app to connect to your Winamp desktop application over Wi-Fi (3G is not supported).

Before your first wireless sync, you will have to pair your Winamp app with your Winamp desktop application. This only occurs prior to the first sync and is not required for any subsequent transfers. From the Media Library in your Winamp Desktop application, go to the Devices node and double click on your device in the “Discovered” view. This will send a notification to your Android device. Once confirmed, your device will appear in the “Attached” view. (Note: after you’ve confirmed the notification, you may have to double-click on the device a second time to attach.)

Persistent Player Controls

The player controls are available from most screens of the Winamp for Android app. This provides you with quick access to play/pause, previous/next track, the play queue, the Now Playing page and one-touch access back to the app’s home screen. When you first install the application the tutorial page will load to illustrate key features. To access the tutorial at a later date, go to the Winamp app home screen >> Menu >> Settings and select “Winamp Tutorial”. When finished, click the “Continue” button.

Play Queue Management

A play queue is a temporary track listing that allows you to easily select and sort tracks. For those already familiar with the Winamp desktop application, the “Playlist Editor” is a play queue. In the Winamp for Android app you can access the play queue from the Player Controls. The grips to the left of the track title allow you to change the sort order.


  • Selecting a single track from an Album view, clears the current play queue and repopulates it with all the tracks from that Album. Playback will start at the particular track you selected.
  • To only add a single track to the play queue, press and hold on that track. From the pop-up menu and select Enqueue. This will add the selected track to the bottom of the current play queue.
  • To clear the play queue – from the play queue screen, select Menu >> Clear Play Queue.
  • If you like your queue, you can choose to save it as a playlist – from the play queue screen, select Menu >> Save as Playlist.

Now Playing

The Now Playing page (accessed from the player controls) displays valuable song information such as track name, artist name, album name, and track length. Additionally, the Now Playing page displays any synced album art. By pressing and holding on the song info, you launch a menu that allows you to interact with other apps installed on your Android device. For example, you can launch Pandora and create a Pandora station based off of the song currently playing in Winamp. Or you can do a YouTube, Amazon MP3 store, or browser search based on the artist & track name.

Widget Players & Shortcuts

By going to the Android OS home screen (not the Winamp for Android home screen), you can create a Widget Player and shortcuts to your favorite playlists.

Widget Player:
Android home screen >> press & hold on available screen space >> select Widget >> select Winamp

Android home screen >> press & hold on available screen space >> select Shortcuts >> select Winamp playlist


The Winamp for Android app leverages the native Android broadcast API, allowing the app to broadcast the now playing information to other applications. If you have a account and have installed on your Android device, you can scrobble your mobile listening history in real time. From the Winamp app home screen, go to Menu >> Settings >> Enable Scrobbling.


The Winamp for Android app allows you to not only browse by Artist, Album, Song or Playlist, but gives you the ability to search for tracks from within the application. There’s also a setting that allows you to include your Winamp media in a global Android search. To include Winamp media in Android searches, go to the Winamp app home screen >> Menu >> Settings >> Searchable items >> Searchable items >> select Winamp in the list of options.

Other Settings

The Winamp for Android Settings page is only accessible from the Winamp for Android home screen. To go to the Winamp home screen, click on the lightening bolt in the play controls. Use the Android device’s hard Menu button to surface the Settings button.

Other available Winamp settings:

  • Access to your device’s Wi-Fi settings
  • Ability to Set the Device Name
  • Enable Winamp playback controls on your lock-screen
  • Allow Winamp to utilize the headset controls
  • Terms of Service
  • System Info
  • About
  • Send Feedback
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