Wine 1.3.16发布

On 2011年03月20日, in soft, by netoearth

Wine是一个在X86、X86-64上容许类Unix操作系统在X Window System下运行Microsoft Windows程序的软件。另一方面,计算机程序设计师能经由Wine的程序库将视窗的程序转移至类Unix操作系统中运行。也有不少软件经过 Wine测试后发布,比如 Picasa,uTorrent,MediaCoder. 下载:

New version of the Gecko engine, based on Firefox 4.
Better support for Dwarf debugging information.
Improved handling of animated cursors.
GnuTLS no longer required on Mac OS X.
Improvements to the GDI driver infrastructure.
A number of MSI fixes for the .NET installers.
Several GdiPlus improvements.
Various bug fixes.

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