eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0 发布

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eMule Mephisto是基于eMule ScarAngel的一款mod,被广大电骡爱好者称作“恶魔骡”或“魔鬼骡”,现由德国程序员Stulle维护。相对于“天使骡”ScarAngel, 据说Mephisto更适合于高带宽“大水管”使用,它在ScarAngel mod基础之上添加的主要特色功能就是上传调节,以及多上传时的增强等。据上一个版本的发布一年有余(2009年10月6日),作者于2011年4月10 日发布了eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0。

下载eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0:

eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0 安装包(适用于新手的安装向导)

eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0 压缩档(“绿色”,解压后直接使用。服务器列表、IPFilter、IP2C等组件需自己手动添加更新)

eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0 源代码(给程序员用)

eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0 Debugkit(给那些真正的开发人员debug用)

eMule Mephisto在eMule官方论坛的发布贴:http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=130206

eMule Mephisto官方主页:http://mephisto.emule-web.de/



eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0主要更新内容有:

  • 合并到eMule 0.50a代码;
  • 基于ScarAngel 4.0制作;
  • 制作了一个安装向导包,方便新手;
  • 动态Socket缓冲;[SiRoB贡献]
  • 以数组方式发送数据包(可能减少对上传的干扰,目前仅在上传时使用);[SiRoB贡献]
  • 显示估计的剩余上传时间;[Stulle贡献]
  • 继承了ScarAngel 4.0的更新





eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0 eD2k链接

帮助 | eMule官方 | eMule Fans 电骡爱好者 | eMule-Mods.de | 插件主页
eMule0.50a-Mephisto_v3.0-installer.exe 查源 6.77MB
eMule0.50a-Mephisto_v3.0-bin.rar 查源 4.61MB
eMule0.50a-Mephisto_v3.0-src.rar 查源 8.18MB
eMule0.50a-Mephisto_v3.0-debugkit.rar 查源 9.72MB
[?]: [?]: , 29.27MB


Hi everyone,

Just like ScarAngel it took a while to make a new Mephisto. Nevertheless it is notable that this new version is not just a plain merge this time. I took some time to review and improve the code. In order to improve the performance of the upload I introduced some code originally written by SiRoB, whom I am very grateful to for writing this code. I hope this new code will allow sending more packets to single slots without disturbances.

Note that this release is still based on ScarAngel 4.0 and as such on my Xtreme 8.0 sources. zz_fly has released his Xtreme 8.1 but it holds very few additional improvements that did not make it into my 8.0 source edit, so it is really not a huge loss.

Another very notable thing is that I finally added an installer for Mephisto. So for all those of you who do not want to bother too much, you can just use that! Please check the changelog to see what I did in detail.

PS: If there are any people still around who would want to become reliable testers, please leave me a message!

Greets Stulle :)


eMule v0.50a Mephisto v3.0:
– 10.04.2011 –
based on eMule 0.50a ScarAngel 4.0 compiled with vs2010 SP1

Added: Dynamic Socket Buffering [SiRoB]
Added: Send Array Packet (may reduce upload perturbation, only used for UL, yet) [SiRoB]
Added: Display remaining upload time (estimation!) [Stulle]

Changed: Use minfragsize to calculate best amount to send to full slots [Stulle]
Changed: Min buffer threshold for CreateNextBlockRequest based on slot speed [SiRoB]
Changed: Allow buffering more than one additional block in CreateNextBlockRequest [Stulle]
Changed: (Xtreme) Check if upload should be ended frequently called twice [Stulle]
Changed: Increased thresholds for dropping blocking sockets [Stulle]

Fixed: Min UL speed to prevent slot from being dropped was improperly calculated [Stulle]

Removed: Now redundant doublesendsize feature from Xtreme [Stulle]

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