LLVM 2.9发布

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LLVM编译器发布v2.9版 主要的新特性包括:ELF目标的汇编支持;大幅改进了链接时优化(Link Time Optimization),加快编译速度,支持编译大型应用程序如Firefox 4;memset和memcpy loops的自动识别;改进调试优化代码;等等。 Mozilla开发者Rafael Espindola在OSX上,测试了基于LLVM的Clang编译器和GCC 4.2(最新版是4.6)编译Firefox的结果,在编译时间和二进制大小上面,Clang都小胜GCC。

What’s New in LLVM 2.9?

This release includes a huge number of bug fixes, performance tweaks and minor improvements. Some of the major improvements and new features are listed in this section.

Major New Features

LLVM 2.9 includes several major new capabilities:

  • Type Based Alias Analysis (TBAA) is now implemented and turned on by default in Clang. This allows substantially better load/store optimization in some cases. TBAA can be disabled by passing -fno-strict-aliasing.
  • This release has seen a continued focus on quality of debug information. LLVM now generates much higher fidelity debug information, particularly when debugging optimized code.
  • Inline assembly now supports multiple alternative constraints.
  • A new backend for the NVIDIA PTX virtual ISA (used to target its GPUs) is under rapid development. It is not generally useful in 2.9, but is making rapid progress.

Download LLVM 2.9

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