NexusFont 2.5.5—WINDOWS字体管理工具

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NexusFont is a simple but powerful font manager for Windows.Organizing, managing and choosing fonts is a piece of cake with NexusFont.

Release Date: 2010.9.23
License: Freeware
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7

Portable Version: (1.60MB)
Older Version: NexusFontSetup2.5.4.exe,

Simple and Intuitive UI

Simple UI helps you focus on what you are doing. Type, see, and choose the font.

Auto Activation

You don’t need to install all fonts to the system.
While nexusfont is running, all listed fonts in NexusFont are available on other programs.
Don’t slow down your system by keeping hundreds of fonts installed to it.


NexusFont maintains the library and your sets on the same removable device even if the drive letter for the device changes.

Carry your fonts on a USB flash drive with NexusFont. Then you can use the fonts on it by just launching NexusFont on any computer.
NexusFont does not make any changes to the Registry.


You can install/uninstall fonts using options which can help you effectively manage your installed fonts.

Library and Sets

Add folders have fonts into the Library. These folders can be managed by groups in Library.


Find Duplicates

Don’t waste your storage space with unnecessary font files.
NexusFont will find duplicate fonts even if the font files have different file names.

Unicode Character Map


Export as Image

File Operations


NexusFont supports multi-language UIs. So you can use NexusFont in your own language regardeless of the language being used by the operating system.

If your language is not supported, you can create your language file here and share it with others.

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