VLC 1.1.9发布

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VideoLAN and the VLC development team present VLC 1.1.9, a minor release of the 1.1 branch.

This release, not long after 1.1.8, was necessary because some security issues were found, and the VLC development team cares about security.
This release also brings updated translations and a lot of small Mac OS X fixes.
Source and binaries builds for Mac and Windows are available.
See the release notes for more information on 1.1.9.

Two weeks after VLC 1.1.9, here is a minor release of VLC.

Fixing important bugs and security issues, here is VLC 1.1.9.


  • Security update regarding a heap-based buffer overflow in mp4 demuxer
  • Update of libmodplug for security reasons in Windows and Mac versions
  • Major updates in most language translations
  • Numerous updates and fixes on the interface and look of VLC for Mac OS X
  • Growl on MacOS X is now bundlede
  • Many miscellaneous fixes

VLC media player for Windows

Download latest VLC – 1.1.9

VLC currently supports Windows 2000 (SP4+UR1), XP, Vista and 7.

Download VLC icon Installer packageExe installerMD5: 86e0fc3a8107c10fca5cf63aab259a14 Download VLC icon 7zip package(No installer needed)MD5: 82102ed9c85b1e732fb7aab7b447b027 Download VLC icon Zip package(No installer needed)MD5: ae02c9912e19701feb36c2f3c62236bb

Download latest VLC source code

If you want, you can download the source code of VLC media player.

Download VLC for Windows 95/98/Me

Please install KernelEx or take an old version of VLC

Older versions

Older versions can be found by browsing our FTP archive

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