CCleaner 3.07.1457发布

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CCleaner是一款免费的系统优化和隐私保护工具。CCleaner的主要用来清除Windows系统不再使用的 垃圾文件,以腾出更多硬盘空间。它的 另一大功能是清除使用者的上网记录.CCleaner的体积小,运行速度极快,可以对临时文件夹、历史记录、回收站等进行垃圾清理,并可对注册表进行垃圾 项扫描、清理。附带软件卸载功能。

CCleaner 3.07.1457:
– Added Flash Player SOL setting file cleaning and management.
– Added Safari Icon history cleaning.
– Added cleaning for Windows Elevated Diagnostics.
– Added cleaning for Kantaris Media Player, KMPlayer, Orbit Downloader, Pando, Sandboxie and Snagit.
– Improved cleaning for XFire, Real Player, Windows Log Files, Macromedia Shockwave 10 and 11.
– Improved Google Chrome thumbnails and favicons cleaning.
– Improved Google Chrome Saved Form Information cleaning.
– Improved Google Chrome Save Passwords cleaning.
– Improved Opera Last Download Location cleaning.
– Improved Remote Desktop cleaning.
– Improved Recent Documents cleaning.
– Improved Exclusion functionality for Registry cleaning.
– Improved Registry cleaning for Windows Services.
– Improved Drive Wiper functionality and feedback.
– Fixed bug in Cookie importing/exporting.
– Minor translation fixes.

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