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FadeTop is a visual break reminder for Windows. At regular intervals, it fades your desktop into a bluish color, and displays current time.

What Does It Look Like?

Download Installer Version (452 KB)
Download Portable Version (190 KB)
Current version: 2.5
Operating system: Windows 2000 or later

FadeTop Lets You…

  • Get alarmed about current time in a natural, mild and agreeable manner
  • Develop a habit of resting your eyes and body regularly

Why FadeTop?

We value our health and lives, but rarely when working or playing for hours before computer, and getting lost.

FadeTop aims to help you develop a habit of taking breaks to rest your eyes every 15 minutes (recommended for heavy computer users), as well as release tension in back, neck, shoulders and arms.

Alerts are raised at fixed time points each hour, as otherwise that habit will never stick.

How Does It Work?

FadeTop runs in the system tray as icon . See below:

At minute 0, 15, 30 and 45 of each hour, the fader gets activated. If the program hasn’t been running for at least 15 minutes, it won’t become active.

When activated, FadeTop fades the desktop into a bluish color, and the program icon changes into . See below:

For an animated demo, see top-right of this page.

Getting Started

To see FadeTop fader in action, just start the program, then click its icon in the system tray.

To quit FadeTop, right click the icon and choose Exit from the shortcut menu:

To temporarily disable FadeTop, uncheck Auto Fade from the menu.

To configure the application, choose Options from the menu:

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