LibTorrent 0.12.8/rTorrent 0.8.8发布

On 2011年05月13日, in soft, by netoearth
* Allow inlining functions in commands with parentheses, e.g:
print = (convert.time,(system.time))
schedule2 = test_print_2,2,2,((print,”current “,((convert.time,((system.time))))))
Multiple parentheses need to be used in schedule to ensure the command doesn’t get evaluated at the time of calling schedule.
* Added ‘p.is_unwanted’ and ‘p.is_preferred’ commands.
* Added logging tools.
* Added ‘network.http.ssl_verify_peer.set’ used to disable checking of self-signed certificates.
* Added ‘file.append’ command for easy writing of stats to a log file.
* Be more aggressive about freeing references to downloading / downloaded pieces when a peer connection sends choke or has an empty queue.
* Fixed a bug where calling download specific commands through the ui with no torrent selected would cause a crash.
* Fixed a bug that caused ‘execute*’ commands to fail when trying to run a program without any arguments.
* Properly retry connection when non-/encrypted handshakes fail.
* Catch NULL returned by curl_easy_init() and fail, as there is no way to recover.
* Detect empty ‘announce-list’ and use ‘announce’ instead.
* Fixed a corner-case where initial seeding would end up crashing rtorrent.
* Fixed a bad conditional that would result in write syscall being called with -1 for logging executing external commands.
* Throw internal error if ncurses ‘newwin’ fails.
* Fixed some bad behavior that caused the hash queue not to empty at high download speeds.
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