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Miro(原名為Democracy PlayerDTV)是由Participatory Culture Foundation開發的集媒体播放器、網絡電視於一身的開源軟件,自身可播放多種文件格式,也可通過下載功能下載互聯網上的視頻並且加以管理,支持Microsoft Windows、Mac OS X及Linux操作系統。

Miro是遵循GNU General Public License發佈的開源軟件。

I’m keeping a close eye on Miro every since the product was released as the Democracy Player back in 2006. A lot has changed since then, not only the name. The developers have pushed out the first beta of the upcoming version of Miro. Let me explain quickly what Miro is all about.

Miro, in its core, is a video player. The developers have moved beyond that however and included lots of interesting options and features that make Miro more of a media management, downloading and viewing software.

You see, Miro supports Bittorrent, online video portals like YouTube and video conversions, something that only few video players offer at this point in time. Even better, it includes a show list to get you started right away.

miro media client

As I said, Miro 4 Beta introduces new features. From improvements under the hood like a noticeable better performance when using the client, over geeky stuff like navigating the user interface with the keyboard, to something for everyone like the ability to sync devices or sharing with Miro libraries on a local network.

Especially the new synchronization and sharing options could prove to become very popular on campuses, companies and other mid-sized local networks.

Here is the full feature list of the first Miro 4 Beta:

  • Share with other Miro Libraries on your local network
  • Sync devices and copy media
  • More ways to make playlists
  • View the playback and download history
  • Improved searching and organization of your music
  • Easier ways to add music and video to your collection
  • UI Navigation with the keyboard
  • Better performance

Not everything is explained in detail in the beta version yet. The help file for instance loads the latest stable help which does not mention the new features at all.

Probably the biggest feature in Miro 4 is the ability to import music from iTunes.

import music itunes

Even better, it is possible to monitor the iTunes library for new music to add it automatically to Miro as well. The beta of Miro is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Expect a final release of Miro 4 in the coming months. (via Caschy)

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