Wine 1.2.3 Stable发布

On 2011年06月11日, in soft, by netoearth

Wine是一个在X86、X86-64上容许类Unix操作系统在X Window System下运行Microsoft Windows程序的软件。另一方面,计算机程序设计师能经由Wine的程序库将视窗的程序转移至类Unix操作系统中运行。也有不少软件经过 Wine测试后发布,比如Picasa,uTorrent,MediaCoder.

Changes in Wine 1.3.22:
* Support for Indic text shaping.
* Generation of stubless code in the IDL compiler.
* Support for X files in D3DX.
* 4- and 24-bit bitmap formats in the DIB engine.
* Listview performance improvements.
* Various bug fixes.

下载:Wine 1.2.3 Final (15.2 MB)
下载:Wine 1.3.22 Development (18.24 MB)

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