Wine 1.3.24 发布

On 2011年07月9日, in soft, by netoearth

The official Wine 1.3.24 change-log shows:

– Various DirectInput improvements.
– Support for line breaking in Uniscribe.
– More UI elements in builtin Shell Explorer.
– Some more D3DX9 functions.
– Improved support for shell known folders.
– Various bug fixes.

The release announcement is found at with the full change-log. The bugs fixed by this Direct3D update address issues within the DirectX versions of World of Goo, Unigine Heaven, Crysis, and other titles. Some of the D3DX9 work done over the past two weeks include implementing the specification’s begin and end methods, Direct3D compiler fixes, D3DXFloat32To16Array, dead code removal, and dozens of other items have been added or changed. There’s also been some work on Direct3D 10.0 support.

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