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For those of you who don’t know, Github is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that uses Git version control. Basically, Github stores open-source projects and allows developers from around the world to work on them cooperatively.

With over 2.5 million projects, navigating Github can be overwhelming.  To determine the most ‘popular’ projects, Github has a function where users can ‘watch’ certain projects, which means that the user is essentially following project developments.  In the following, I have attached screenshots from Github’s 50 most watched page as well as information about some of the projects on the list. The information is intended to be high-level, so if you were looking for in-depth analysis, please navigate through the Github page and cry me a river (JT reference, FTW).

1-6: rails, jquery, node, html5-boilerplate, homebrew, diaspora

No shocker that both RoR and jQuery top the list. jQuery was created by John Resig, who continues to develop the project from Boston. Diaspora, you may remember, was the popular Kickstarter project out of NYC that attempted to contend with Facebook. The creators have open-sourced their code-base to help others easily create their own social networks.

7-12: three20, device, blueprint-css, jekyll, paperclip, express

blueprint-css, started by Joshua Clayton of Boston’s thoughtbot, is a framework that helps developers cut down on CSS development time. paperclip, which is another project initiated by thoughtbot, is a file-attachment solution for RoR’s ActiveRecord.

13-18: authlogic, jquery-ui, backbone, formtastic, three.js, TermKit

According to its readme file, “jQuery UI provides interactions like Drag and Drop and widgets like Autocomplete, Tabs and Slider and makes these as easy to use as jQuery itself.” three.js is a light-weight 3D engine which you can demo here.

19-24: will_paginate, jquery-mobile, symfony, coffee-script, Spoon-Knife, Modernizr

jquery-mobile is just that: a jquery project written and optimized for touchscreens like mobile devices and tablets.  jquery-mobile is maintained by the Filament Group, who’s office is in Boston’s Leather District.  coffee-script compiles into javascript, but uses a Ruby-esque syntax, making it a popular choice for developers already familiar with RoR. Modernizr is something we here at BostInnovation use to ensure some of HTML5 code is compatible with older browsers.

25-31 cucumber, php-sdk, compass, chosen, tornado, redis, underscore

If you’ve got a PHP site and interact with Facebook at any level, I recommend following the php-sdk, which is a nice kit for doing a ton of stuff with Facebook’s API. Redis is a NoSQL DB which is gaining in popularity because of its ability to store different data types dynamically. According to its readme file, “Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides support for the usual functional suspects (each, map, reduce, filter…) without extending any core JavaScript objects.”

32-38: oh-my-zsh, sinatra, resque, gitignore, asi-http-request, cancan, gitiflow

According to its readme file, “CanCan is an authorization library for Ruby on Rails which restricts what resources a given user is allowed to access,” which you can imagine will increase in popularity with the increase of RoR sites out there.

39-46: django, kod, raphael,, rails_admin, web-app-theme, ommiauth, hiphop-php

I was surprised to see django this far down on the list. Hip Hop PHP, developed and used by Facebook, converts PHP code into C. A developer from Facebook presented Hip Hop in 2010 for the BostonPHP meet-up group.  It is definitely worth a watch here.

47-50: carrierwave, jquery-pjax, janus, spree

According to its readme, “pjax loads HTML from your server into the current page without a full reload. It’s ajax with real permalinks, page titles, and a working back button that fully degrades.” A working back button in AJAX is something I know I could use in my projects.

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