Nginx 1.0.6发布

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Nginx(发音同engine x)是一款由俄罗斯程序员Igor Sysoev所开发轻量级的网页服务器、反向代理服务器以及电子邮件 (IMAP/POP3)代理服务器。起初是供俄国大型的门户网站及搜索引擎 Rambler(俄语:Рамблер)使用。此软件BSD-like协议下 发行,可以在UNIX、GNU/Linux、BSD、Mac OS X、Solaris,以及Microsoft Windows等操作系统中运行。


Changes with nginx 1.0.6                                         29 Aug 2011

*) Feature: cache loader run time decrease.

*) Feature: loading time decrease of configuration with large number of
HTTPS sites.

*) Feature: now nginx supports ECDHE key exchange ciphers.
Thanks to Adrian Kotelba.

*) Feature: the “lingering_close” directive.

*) Feature: now shared zones and caches use POSIX semaphores on Solaris.
Thanks to Den Ivanov.

*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built on Linux 3.0.

*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process if
“fastcgi/scgi/uwsgi_param” directives were used with values starting
with “HTTP_”; the bug had appeared in 0.8.40.

*) Bugfix: in closing connection for pipelined requests.

*) Bugfix: nginx did not disable gzipping if client sent “gzip;q=0” in
“Accept-Encoding” request header line.

*) Bugfix: in timeout in unbuffered proxied mode.

*) Bugfix: memory leaks when a “proxy_pass” directive contains variables
and proxies to an HTTPS backend.

*) Bugfix: in parameter validaiton(翻译提示:没有这个词!作者笔误) of a “proxy_pass” directive with
Thanks to Lanshun Zhou.

*) Bugfix: SSL did not work on QNX.

*) Bugfix: SSL modules could not be built by gcc 4.6 without
–with-debug option.

nginx 1.0.6更新说明  2011 8月29日

*) 特性: 缓存加载器运行时间缩短;

*) 特性: 加载诸多大型HTTPS的网站时间缩短;

*) 特性: 支持ECDHE密钥交换组(感谢Adrian Kotelba);

*) 特性: 加入”lingering_close”指示符;

*) 特性: 在Solaris上共享区域和缓存使用POSIX信号量(感谢Den Ivanov);

*) 修复: 不能在Linux3.0下编译的缺陷;

*) 修复: 如果”fastcgi/scgi/uwsgi_param”指令开头有”HTTP_”数值,在worker process下可能会发生的一个分割错误。此问题在nginx0.8.40已经出现;

*) 修复: pipelined请求会被关闭缺陷;

*) 修复: 在”Accept-Encoding”请求标题行的情况下当客户端发送”gzip;q=0″指令而nginx没有禁用gzip功能;

*) 修复: 没有缓冲的代理模式下响应超时缺陷;

*) 修复: 当”proxy_pass”指令包括HTTPS后端变量和代理信息时内存泄露缺陷;

*) 修复: “proxy_pass”指令的参数验证缺陷(感谢Lanshun Zhou)

*) 修复: SSL在QNX系统下无法工作.

*) 修复: SSL模块只能在gcc 4.6下加入-debug参数编译编译的缺陷

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