Tweetbot 1.4.3发布

On 2011年08月4日, in soft, by netoearth

Today, Apple has approved Tweetbot v1.4.3. This version has the following:

  • Added sleep time for push notifications (notification quiet hours)
  • Option to receive push mentions only from people you follow
  • When emailing a link, the subject is the page title if sent from a web view
  • Blocking/Reporting for spam now deletes associated tweets from the timeline

State of Push Notifications

For those who still don’t know yet, push notifications have been opened up to everyone. We also want to let you know that push notifications have been running flawlessly on our server so we plan to keep this service free for our users.

Push Hiccups

Tapbots push notification system depends on Twitter’s Site Stream product. Twitter considers this a beta product and while we’ve found it to be very stable there are going to be hiccups along the way. Over the last few days we’ve experienced some issues with the Site Streams server going down and when this happens, push notifications will stop working. When their servers comes back up you may receive a number of notifications as our system tries to catch up on messages it may have missed while the streams were down.

We are also aware that some of you are still not receiving notifications. Make sure you’ve tried everything we’ve posted in our Tweetbot Q & A. If you are getting all notifications except for DM’s, let us know on our @tweetbot account. We are working closely with Twitter to iron out any remaining bugs. We appreciate everyone’s patience on this.

What’s Next

We are hard at work on v1.5 and will be bringing a new feature that has been highly requested. And no, it’s not twitlonger or an iPad version. 🙂

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