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Team Icinga is proud to present Icinga 1.5 for downloadnow. This release comes with a big new feature in our new UI, big changes to the API and a revamped release cycle to boot. But if you tested the Beta version, this would be no new news for you!ICINGA 项目是由Michael Luebben、HendrikB?cker和JoergLinge等人发起的,他们都是现有的Nagios项目社区委员会的成员,他们承诺,新的开源项 目将完全兼容以前的Nagios应用程序及扩展功能。在新项目的网站上,他们是如此定义ICINGA的,这将是一个介于Nagios社区版和企业版间的产 品。特别将致力于解决Nagios项目现在的问题,比如不能及时处理Nagios项目的bug、新功能不能及时添加等。还有在新的ICINGA项目中,将 更好的实现数据库集成方面的功能,标准化第三发应用程序的接口等。中文化项目是由Icinga中文化项目组,基于 icinga(http://www.icinga.com)基础上,并在此基础上针对中文需求进行优化及修改,同时集成nagiosgraph或 pnp4nagios绘图,包括简体中文、繁体中文(计划),界面以及生成的图像都已中文化

To begin, Icinga Reporting is now available as a pre-installed Cronk in Icinga New Web. Finally you can keep one eye on SLAs and the other on your tactical overview, as they are now all in one UI. Configuration is a piece of cake – simply follow the guide on our wiki.

If you’ve been keeping up with our updates, we have also replaced the database API with a Doctrine database abstraction layer, to make life easier for addon developers (as well as our Web/API team). This change will not affect your existing setup however, thanks to an added‘legacy layer’ compatibility will be maintained with addons designed for older versions.

In the Core, CGIs and IDOUtils we’ve also improved extensibility, but also not to mention overall performance. Classic UI adds a lot of enhancements for daily usage and data export for reporting, while Oracle backend support has been further optimised. Furthermore, the package marks another milestone to make packager’s life easier by adding e.g. log dir options to configure (see CHANGES in Changelog).

Finally, the new release cycle trialled for v1.5 will be our model for upcoming releases. 1 week prior to the official version, we will release a feature ready Beta version for you to test.

But till then, download Icinga 1.5 and give us your feedback on our mailing lists anddevelopment tracker. A big thank you to all the Beta testers out there for their contributions to this release!



Below is just and excerpt of the full change logs:  Core, CGIs, IDOUtils and Web


  • Do not update host/service status during scheduler initialization on startup (idoutils already know that) #1741
  • Fix retain status file over an init script reload #1579

Classic UI

  • Added option to suppress coloring of hosts/services in maintenance #992 Added option to show partial hostgroups #1013
  • Default downtime duration is configurable in cgi.cfg #1642
  • Changed tac.cgi to distinct between active, passive and disabled properly #1120
  • Add log entries to json output of avail.cgi #1659 add xml output to avail.cgi for direct source of jasper reports #1712
  • Add author to comment tooltips in status.cgi #1691
  • Authorization for * in cgi.cfg via contactgroups (Stephen Gran) #1752
  • Add combined view of all unhandled hosts and services including the multiple command dropdowns for each (initial idea by Thruk) #1328
  • Add “link to this page” to all cgis #1783 add export icons instead of “export to…” text on cgis supporting it (csv, json, xml, link) #1789


  • Dump multiline mbufs as bulk inserts #1110
  • Remove host and service checks from default data_processing_options as they are not used by icinga-web #1757
  • Remove leftover socket file in init-script startup, e.g. from a system crash #1745


  • Add configure option to set log dir and cgi log dir and phpapi log dir #1715
  • After daemon stop in init script, retry and then issue a kill -9 on the daemon #1747
  • Do not overwrite config in make fullinstall #1754


  • Add easy-to-use config examples and scripts for notifications #1697
  • Tune icinga.cfg for performance, enable_environment_macros=0, enable_embedded_perl=0 by default #1635 

Web & API

  • Reporting integration with JasperServer
  • New integrated API
  • New flexible module interfaces (carved in stone for the next years!!)
  • Extendable grids, install safe
  • Instance overview if the data is healthy
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