Gephi 0.8 beta发布

On 2011年10月6日, in soft, by netoearth

Gephi is an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.

Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Gephi is open-source and free.

Quick Facts Software
  • Type: Visualization tool
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS X
  • Language: Java 1.6
  • License: CDDL + GNU GPL 3


  • Field: All types of networks
  • Types: Directed, unidrected, mixed
  • Size: <1M nodes & edges
  • Layouts: ForceAtlas, Yifan’s Hu Multilevel


New features

  • New Preview architecture, one can now write Preview Plugins
  • ForceAtlas2 layout algorithm, with multi-thread option
  • Dynamic Ranking
  • PNG Export
  • Dynamic Metrics
  • Data Lab node merging
  • Node and Edge transparency in Preview
  • Edge labels on curved edges
  • Text outline now in Preview
  • Database importer now supports time columns (start & end)
  • Switch off the light in Overview (see the blueprint)
  • DL Export (Thanks to Taras Klaskovsky)
  • GML Export (Thanks to Taras Klaskovsky)
  • NET Export (Thanks to Daniel Bernardes)
  • K-core filter
  • Inter and Intra partition filter
  • Now supports SQLite databases
  • Display the number of layout iterations in status bar when ended
  • Recent Palette in Ranking
  • Weighted degree now also for directed graphs

New localization

  • Portuguese (Brazilian) (Thanks to Célio Faria Jr)
  • Japanese (Thanks to Siro Kida and Koji Chono)


  • Memory starvation manager
  • Less memory usage with attributes

Removed features

  • Preview arrow design changes. Arrows now look like in Overview.
  • Preview mini-labels have been removed, they might be readded later
  • Mutual edges specific options in Preview


  • Timeline need more precision when dealing with dates (bug 521937)
  • Exception on range slider (bug 541808)
  • Inconsistent label data from Overview to Preview (bug 660204)
  • Statistics: sub-optimal modularity (bug 727701)
  • Timeline cann’t drag if the two sliders moved to the left (bug 745476)
  • Missing Polish characters when exporting to pdf (bug 746740)
  • Edge selection color is not correct on OSX (bug 752300)
  • Workspace name truncated, hard to read (bug 758578)
  • Average degree cannot be switched to directed / undirected (bug 760454)
  • Window->Favorites appears in 0.8 alpha (bug 764494)
  • Disable ‘directed’ on metric settings if the graph is undirected (bug 771318)
  • Timeline does not work (exception) (bug 774455)
  • Layout properties can’t be saved in a language and loaded in another language (bug 783637)
  • Preview: edge label not shown (bug 783868)
  • Possible memory leak on Dynamic Range Filter (bug 784606)
  • Edge attributes not saved in .gephi project file (bug 785268)
  • Data Lab: Exception when selecting only one column for merging (bug 785269)
  • Data Lab Import Spreadsheet should not ignore parallel edges (bug 785635)
  • Data Laboratory: wrong edge type created (mutual instead of directed) (bug 787401)
  • Data Lab: impossible to edit time intervals in a date format (bug 793163)
  • Spelling of Proportionnal (bug 794358)
  • Graphics errors when JOGL installed as a JRE/JDK extension (bug 799545)
  • NPE if source/target is empty in GEXF import (bug 799574)
  • Toolkit can’t open .gephi files (bug 802101)
  • Resizing edge sizes changes edge weight values (bug 803763)
  • Preview does not use node label settings from overview tab (bug 805763)
  • Data Lab ‘Import Spreadsheet’ dialogue should accept other file types than .csv (bug 806798)
  • Edge weights not imported from CSV matrix (bug 808078)
  • Preview tab: no option to switch off node borders? (bug 808606)
  • Gephi runs out of memory without warning the user (bug 811373)
  • Counter-intuitive filename in Data export dialog (bug 814178)
  • NullPointerException when creating newProjects too quickly (bug 817170)
  • Nodes and edges Id attribute dictionary is not properly created when loading a .gephi file (bug 818181)
  • Database driver doesn’t persist in Edge List Database import UI (bug 822316)
  • NodeEqualNumberFilter does not work (bug 823038)
  • Gephi does not build on JDK 7 (bug 823543)
  • SVG node, edge export should include relevant node IDs as classes (bug 827706)
  • Import Spreadsheet: need to trim column names (bug 829956)
  • Layout list not sorted by name (bug 830149)
  • In/Out degree metric is computed on the main graph instead of the visible graph (bug 830752)
  • Layout is not giving the algorithm’s number of iterations (bug 831782)
  • Banner height issues, need a fixed height (bug 834400)
  • NPE when running ClusteringCoefficient on a filtered graph (bug 852799)
  • Missing node properties from dot file (bug 855410)
  • ‘The value column doesn’t exist’ error when opening a gephi file (bug 857595)
  • Import fails for NET (Pajek) file with position/color data (bug 860825)
  • GEXF export referes to v1.1 schema, should be v1.2 schema (bug 864484)


  • Complete rewrite of the Preview API with a new SPI which allows to extend the Preview with new renderers, item builders or render targets. The API also now offers better customization through a central property system and is optimized for external applications as well. The API is also now considered as stable.
  • New DynamicStatistics SPI in the StatisticsAPI module. The interface extends Statistics and implement the calculation of metrics over time.
  • Important changes in graph events breaking API compatibility. The ADD_NODES and ADD_EDGES are merged into a ADD_NODES_AND_EDGES event. Similarly REMOVE_NODES and REMOVE_EDGES are merged into a REMOVE_NODES_AND_EDGES event. GraphEventData remains the same and still contains both added/removed nodes and edges. Users may simply test if arrays returned by addedNodes(), addedEdges(), removedNodes() and removedEdges() are null before using them.
  • Add new executeLayout(numIterations) method in LayoutController.
  • The StatisticsController now supports synchronous algorithm execution through the execute(Statistics) method.
  • Add new startAutoTransform() and stopAutoTransform() in Ranking API to control auto transformations. The model also allows to retrieve the ranking used in the auto transformation. An additional refreshRanking() method has been added in the RankingBuilder SPI for a smoother auto transformation support.
  • Added a new AttributeRowsMergeStrategy interface to Data Laboratory API. This is a type of manipulator that defines and strategy for merging values of a row (node or edge) for an specific column. It should be used by other manipulators such as NodesManipulator MergeNodes
  • Complete refactoring of the Ranking API to improve modularity and reach a stable version of the API. The API now also has a SPI for ranking builders and transformers. Instead of getNodeRanking() and getEdgeRanking in the model, we introduce the concept of element type and generalize methods to it. Use Ranking.NODE_ELEMENT to obtain a node ranking and Ranking.EDGE_ELEMENT for an edge ranking. Same idea for transformers, which are now defined by a unique name. Default transformers’ name can be found in the Transformer interface. A RankingEvent has also been created. API users have to update to their client code to be compatible.
  • Add a new interface nodes and edges share: Attributable. That allows to manipulate objects with attributes regardless if the object is a node or an edge. Node, Edge, NodeData and EdgeData now implements this interface, and a getAttributes() method has been added to Node and Edge to make development easier.
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