Piwik 1.6 发布

On 2011年10月20日, in soft, by netoearth

Piwik 1.6 is a major upgrade, bringing new features, security fixes, and many bug fixes and improvements!

This release is rated critical. Please update now.

What’s new in Piwik 1.6?

  • Ecommerce Analytics improved:
    • New: track “price” on Ecommerce product pages
    • New: track up to 5 categories for each product page or category page!
  • Segmentation improved:
    • new segment visitConvertedGoalId to select visits that converted a specific Goal
    • new segments pageUrl and pageTitle to select all visits that visited a given Page URL or Page name
    • new segments customVariablePageName1customVariablePageValue1, etc. to select all visits that had a specificCustom Variable with scope ‘page’ set. Until 1.6, Piwik would only segment for Custom Variables with scope ‘visit’.
  • Custom Variables improved:
    • string limit for Custom Variable name or value is now 200 characters instead of 100
    • when a Custom Variable name is set, but the value is empty, Piwik will now aggregate and report these as “Value not defined”
  • Dashboard: widgets can now be minimized and maximized for easier analysis
  • New plugin ImageGraph: generates static PNG graphs for any Piwik report. The graphs are used in the Piwik Mobile app. Kuddos to Arnfried Weber for this amazing contribution!
  • Security: we would like to thank the following people for their responsible disclosure: Alexandru Pitis, Alexander Schmid, Secure Business Austria, Krzysztof Kotowicz, David Vieira-Kurz, Szymon Gruszecki, Mateusz Goik, Mauro Gentile.
    Thank you to all these people for disclosing security issues to the Piwik team, ensuring a healthy and safe experience for the whole community!
  • Many bug fixes and improvements, see the ticket list below for more details

This new version contains database schema changes so please be careful when running the Update script.
On large Piwik setups, make sure to run the Update Script from the Shell!

After You Update

New & Updated documentation and FAQs

List of 75 tickets closed in this release

  • #2437     Segmentation support “select visits which visited this URL”, and “visited this Page Title”
  • #2633     Add support for segmentation on “page” scope Custom Variables
  • #2564     Custom variables not always set in the conversion when using tracking API
  • #2019     Document how to hide piwik server URL in the Javascript
  • #1938     ensure that the archive algorithm cannot be triggered multiple times for a same site/period/segment
  • #2653     New segment visitConvertedGoalId to select all visits which converted a specific goal
  • #2659     Support for Ecommerce analytics multiple categories per product
  • #2660     Support for “price” tracking on Ecommerce product page views
  • #2299     Tracker API setForceVisitDateTime should accept UNIX Timestamp as well as date time
  • #2677     Add a way to “minimize” a widget
  • #2671     Limit all Custom vars values and names to 200 instead of 100
  • #1721     ImageGraph: export reports as graph
  • #2676     Report when custom variable values are empty, grouped in “Value not defined”
  • #2568     ”Reuse the existing tables” not displayed when reinstalling piwik in existing database
  • #2663     Middle click (open in a new tab) should work as expected for menus, website selector
  • #2530     filter only applies to first queried site when date-range is used
  • #2519     Double encoding for report name
  • #2190     Fix Exclude low population
  • #2670     Metadata improvements to generate static graph image URL
  • #2581     ZendFramework update 1.11.11
  • #2572     Appcelerator Titanium – User Agent Detection
  • #2602     Piwik_Session: restore support for file-based sessions
  • #2621     UserAgentParser.php: use actual IE version instead IE7 when in compatibility mode
  • #2647     New config setting to disable token_auth authentication in tracking requests
  • #2648     New config setting to disable browser trigger archiving even for requests with a segment
  • #2655     New setting, minimum memory limit to enforce when archiving
  • #2668     Usability: when period is week for example, hover in the calendar highlight all days in the week
  • #2590     Add link to create a new website in “All websites” dashboard when logged in as Super User
  • #2556     Add search engine: Blekko
  • #2503     Option to remove “Piwik” from page title
  • #2562     Mail with support for non-ssl connections
  • #2570     Add search engine mirostart
  • #2573     piwik.js: Tracker Proxy doesn’t support _paq.push( item1, item2, … )
  • #2582     VisitsSumary EvolutionGraph Widget produces JS error in IE 7 and 8
  • #2574     mysql max user connection reached, triggers errors in widgets
  • #2604     Unnessary decoding of already decoded strings
  • #2559     SEO Widget – incomplete results if URL isn’t simply the domain name
  • #2548     Piwik reports 0 visits for single days ni some rare cases
  • #2594     assume_secure_protocol is not checked in View
  • #2606     Piwik_Url: getCurrentSchema() should check assume_secure_protocol
  • #2607     displayed order subtotal value is equal to the quantity of purchased products
  • #2622     Unit test ipv6 failing on windows
  • #2631     Hexadecimal encoded URLs don’t decoded
  • #2576     ”Mysqli prepare error” on idSite=0
  • #2649     Forced Segments to pre-processed are actually not completely processed
  • #2635     Naver as referer and search engine, not properly counted or shown
  • #2569     Google Mobile Image Search not recognized
  • #2616     Update deprecated Froogle product search to Google Shopping
  • #2579     Piwik CSS bug in dashboard when a widget returns an error
  • #2508     2 goal conversions in the same second, or a page view and goal in same second results in one request being ignored
  • #2661     Double visits when refreshing cart page
  • #2665     Invalid markup on Login page
  • #2674     Product reports for date range does not show Visits metrics
  • #2675     When piwik maintenance is enabled, API should return an error in the specified format
  • #2679     Allow JSONP parameter name to be either “callback” or ” jsoncallback”
  • #2613     Email Reports: minor error in UI text
  • #2667     Remove “visits” from Custom Variables names report since it is incorrect
  • #2662     Actions.getPageTitle and getPageUrl should work like other API methods with date=last30
  • #2664     Small usability changes to Goal report
  • #2636     Division by zero in core/Visualization/Cloud.php on line 59
  • #2578     Notice: Undefined offset: 1308009600 in /core/Archive/Array/IndexedByDate.php on line 135
  • #2535     .travel TLD not supported
  • #2493     Full header message not working on touch devices
  • #2464     No Special Characters in SMTP Settings
  • #2646     No Unique Returning Visitors with period=week for VisitFrequency.get
  • #2684     Handle missing config file setting with a clean error message
  • #2689     Ecommerce tracking: cart not deleted when order is made
  • #2693     Google silently changed Pagerank lookup-URL
  • #2707     Error exporting Ecommerce log in CSV (works in XML)
  • #2583     UserAgentParser: Safari 5.1 unit tests
  • #2626     Load testing Script helper: copy visits/pages/conversions from custom date range to today
  • #2585     Add search engine toolbarhome.com
  • #2642     HTML Validation Errors in Tracking Code
  • #2392     PDF reports – long lines overflow into adjacent cell, or truncated
  • #2694     UserAgentParser: should report Android’s browser as Safari
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