Audacious 3.1发布

On 2011年11月15日, in soft, by netoearth

Audacious is a highly configurable music player for GNOME that has a very low memory footprint and comes with many plugins as well as two interfaces: a GTK and a Winamp2-like interface (it also supports Winamp 2 skins). Here’s the Winamp-like interface:

Audacious winamp interface

Changes in Audacious 3.1 since version 3.0: 

  • New queue manager window
  • Audacious can now run in “headless” mode, controlled by DBus clients such as audtool
  • New configuration system, which does fewer disk writes and has a cleaner API
  • Visualization subsystem has been reworked to be more efficient and more accurate
  • Two unmaintained plugins (moodbar and rocklight) are removed
  • BS2B effect plugin can now be tweaked
  • The channel mixer plugin can now downmix some surround formats to stereo
  • New plugin to convert from mono to stereo and vice versa
  • Alarm plugin has been ported to GTK 3 and restored
  • Audio CD plugin now reads mixed data and audio CD’s correctly
  • Dockable plugin windows such as LyricWiki now have a sane default window size

And many more. A complete list of changes in Audacious 3.1 can be found here.

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